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    Texas 30,000 Gallon Water Storage Tanks

    Pioneer Water Tanks XL 23-02


    Nominal Capacity: 29,093 gallons

    Diameter: 26’ 4”

    Tall Wall Height: 7’ 2”

    Tall Wall and Roof Material: Zincalume® Steel Panels, Grade 300

    Tank Wall Thickness: 0.88 mm

    Bolt Sizing: M10 at an 80mm Vertical pitch

    Tank Liner: BPA-free, NSF 61 certified AQUALINER® Fresh

    Tank Liner Thickness: 0.6 mm

    Texas 30,000 Gallon water storage tank systems

    20 Year Warranty Pioneer Water Tanks

    Our 20-Year Warranty covers the tank body and tank liner.

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    Keep water clean and fresh within the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner.

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    20 Year Warranty Pioneer Water Tanks

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    Our 30,000 gallon water storage tanks are in stock and ready for on-site installation. Pioneer Water Tanks are crated and delivered anywhere in Texas. Our water storage systems are approved in Texas for drinking water, fire protection, irrigation, livestock, rainwater and more. Call today to talk with the experts about getting the best price possible on water tanks!

    Pioneer Water Tanks come standard with accessories and quality materials. We offer a wide variety of accessories options that can be added to expand the functionality of your water system. Our water storage solutions are Zincalume® Steel Tanks with the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that keeps water fresh and clean inside.


    Included Standard Accessories:


    • Polyethylene outlet and shut off ball valve


    • Six-inch overflow drainage pipe with a flapper valve


    • Sacrificial Magnesium Anodes for extended protection through electrolysis


    • Access hatch and a removable ladder


    • Removable 1,000-Count food-grade nylon filter basket with a lid


    • Geotextile underlay protection for underneath the tank liner


    • Super Sealent food-grade foam seal for in between the roof and body

    Texas Water Storage Tanks Ready for Installation

    Pioneer Water Tanks are crate delivered anywhere in Texas for an efficient, accredited installation that doesn’t require heavy machinery. While concrete tanks and other storage options can take months to install, Pioneer Water Tanks can two days or less to be installed with the option to anchor it to a cement ring beam.

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