The State of Texas encourages everyone to implement rainwater harvesting as a sustainable water source. Texas has one of the most comprehensive laws, House Bill 3391 (2011), governing rainwater collection maintaining systems do not require a water rights permit for potable and non-potable use.

The State Bill also covers allowing loans and other financial incentives for rainwater systems, public water systems use of rainwater and prohibits municipalities or counties from denying a building permit solely because the facility will implement rainwater harvesting.

In 2001, Texas excluded components of rainwater harvesting systems from sales tax, Section 151.355 of the Texas Tax Code. Link to the Teas sales tax exemption form:

Texas Sales Tax Exemption Form 01-339-4.pdf

Rainwater is a clean, nearly neutral pH water source that sustainability utilizes what would otherwise become stormwater runoff. Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater off of a building roof with conveyance into storage for later, sustainable use. Rainwater can be used as a drinking water source, for irrigation, livestock, wildlife, fire protection, or even released back into the ground after the rain.

Rainwater systems also reduce stormwater runoff and erosion. Systems repurpose rainwater that can alleviate an existing water supply. Rural properties utilize rainwater systems where there may not be any other water source with enough storage to last during the dry months to when they can fill up their tanks again.

Rainwater systems are designed to the use of rainwater and the building that will be used to collect. For example, a rainwater system that’s designed to irrigate a farm will be vastly different than one that is used as a drinking water source in terms of filtration and distribution. This is why rainwater system design and installation should be with an accredited professional when the system is larger than a barrel or if it will be used as a potable drinking water source.

We work with local Texas rainwater companies throughout the state to provide the best service for our clients. Our accredited licensed dealers design and install rainwater systems for homes and businesses for a variety of applications. They choose Pioneer Water Tanks for rainwater systems because of the quality of materials, particularly the tank liner.

The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that is utilized in Pioneer Water Tanks is BPA-Free, NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage and is embedded with antimicrobial technology. The embedded antimicrobial technology prevents contaminate growth within the safe clean Pioneer Water Tanks system.

Talk with Texas Water Tanks when you are ready to learn about your options to start rainwater harvesting. We will gladly connect you with the closest accredited rainwater system supplier!

Resources to Learn More:

Texas AgriLife Extension Service has its research and development on rainwater harvesting available online at

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