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    Trust Pioneer Water Tanks for clean drinking water storage. Our exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is BPA-free, NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage with embedded Sanitized® Antimicrobial technology to keep water fresh and clean.

    Since 1988, Pioneer Water Tanks have been developed into the longest-lasting water system worldwide. Our qualified engineering personnel and independent consulting engineers provide design and support services with permitting packages available when required.

    Texans trust Pioneer Water Tanks with their drinking water storage because of the quality of materials and engineering.


    Our water storage systems are approved for potable drinking water storage in Texas. The standard models of tanks can be delivered and installed within two weeks anywhere in Texas. Our custom water storage systems have lead times based on availability.


    Engineer approved general arrangement drawings are included with projects with the option to include a Texas engineer wet-stamped cover letter when required.

    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter
    XL 04/025,000-Gallons15′ 5″
    XL 08/0210,000-Gallons15′ 5″
    XL 13/0215,000-Gallons19′ 9″
    XL 15/0220,000-Gallons22′ 0″
    XL 23/0230,000-Gallons26′ 4″
    XL 30/0240,000-Gallons30′ 9″
    XL 40/0250,000-Gallons35′ 2″
    XL 50/0265,000-Gallons39′ 6″
    XL 50/03100,000-Gallons39′ 6″

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    Drinking water storage tanks in Texas by Harvested Rain Solutions



    Harvested Rain Solutions designed this residential rainwater system for a home in the Austin, Texas area. The system has an XL 23/02 Pioneer Water Tank for rainwater storage that is used as the drinking and domestic water source. The custom VIQUA IHS22-E4 controller is configured to provide the owner with an error code in case of issues and sends an alert to Harvested Rain Solutions for maintenance.


    The rainwater system is a clean water source for the household. Utilizing rainwater reduces the household’s dependence their water well.

      Get the Best Price on Water Tanks in Texas

      Talk with Texas Water Tanks Today