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    Pioneer Water Tanks fire protection in Texas

    Texas Fire Protection Water Tanks

    Be prepared with Pioneer Water Tanks, approved in Texas for fire protection systems. Your water supply is always ready in a Pioneer Water Tank that can be configured to what your system requires.


    Pioneer Water Tanks comply with NFPA 22 standard for fire protection water tanks. Fire protection water tanks include a complete set of engineer stamped drawings as well as a wet-stamped cover letter when required for permitting.


    Our commercial fire protection accessories ensure that water is always available for quick access during a fire emergency. Our Texas engineer consultants specify fire protection systems on local fire authority requirements.

    Fire protection drafting connections for water systems in Texas

    Pioneer Water Tanks Dealer Direct

    We operate through a dealer and installer network to provide local service for fire protection water tanks.

    We are ready to provide water storage tanks anywhere in Texas delivered and installed onsite within two weeks. Pioneer Water Tanks resolve residential and commercial properties that have an inadequate water supply with consistent, clean water storage.


    Our Texas dealer and installer network ensures that your project is serviced locally with available maintenance. We provide fire protection water tanks for end users but work well with contractors and industry professionals.

    The above general arrangement drawing is an example of a commercial fire protection water tank with a lot of added accessory options. Pioneer Water Tanks are configured with accessory options based on what the project and local fire authority requires, including the size of the fire drafting connection.

    Pioneer Water Tanks are Approved for Fire Protection in Texas

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    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter
    XL 04/025,000-Gallons15′ 5″
    XL 08/0210,000-Gallons15′ 5″
    XL 13/0215,000-Gallons19′ 9″
    XL 15/0220,000-Gallons22′ 0″
    XL 23/0230,000-Gallons26′ 4″
    XL 30/0240,000-Gallons30′ 9″
    XL 40/0250,000-Gallons35′ 2″
    XL 50/0265,000-Gallons39′ 6″
    XL 50/03100,000-Gallons39′ 6″

    Fire Protection System in Austin, Texas


    Austin Wood Recycling was required to have additional water storage for fire protection by the local Fire Marshal. Tall Drink Rainwater Harvesting provided an XL 50/02 Pioneer Water Tank with commercial accessories to fulfill the requirement for the building permit. The fire protection water tank is ready in case of emergencies with a fire connection and nozzles.




    The fire department connection is a
    6-inch Galvanized Outlet with Cap, standard pumper truck fitting for Travis County.




    Anchored on a cement ring beam, this fire protection tank includes a water level gauge, commercial lockable ladder with additional outlets.


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