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    Texas rainwater tanks

    Texas rainwater tanks safely keep water fresh and clean within the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner. The exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is BPA-free, NSF-61 certified for drinking water and is embedded with Sanitized® antimicrobial technology to protect the water supply.


    Pioneer Water Tanks work well with Texas rainwater harvesting systems because of the quality of materials and engineering. Our rainwater tanks include our 20-year warranty on the tank body and tank liner.

    Pioneer Water Tanks rainwater system example

    This is an example of a rainwater harvesting system that is ideal for residential or municipal applications. This system provides for on-demand pressurized access to water where it’s required for sprinkler systems or drip irrigation.


    The XL 04/02 Pioneer Water Tank in the general arrangement drawing includes our standard 16” thousand count mesh strainer basket, the lockable manway access hatch, a primary 2″ outlet bulkhead penetration, a removable ladder and, five rainwater inlets.

    Tank CodeUS GallonsDiameter
    XL 04/025,000-Gallons15′ 5″
    XL 08/0210,000-Gallons15′ 5″
    XL 13/0215,000-Gallons19′ 9″
    XL 15/0220,000-Gallons22′ 0″
    XL 23/0230,000-Gallons26′ 4″
    XL 30/0240,000-Gallons30′ 9″
    XL 40/0250,000-Gallons35′ 2″
    XL 50/0265,000-Gallons39′ 6″
    XL 50/03100,000-Gallons39′ 6″

    Keeping Rainwater Fresh and Clean Since 1988

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    Store rainwater safely within our exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner for fresh, clean water supply. The AQUALINER® Fresh is BPA-free, NSF-61 Certified for potable water storage and is embedded with antimicrobial technology.

    20 Year Warranty Pioneer Water Tanks

    Pioneer Water Tanks America warrants the steel structure of the tank body (including the original attachments), and AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner of each new Pioneer Water Tank against defects in material and/or workmanship resulting in leakage, for 20 years from the date of installation.

    The State of Texas has one of the most comprehensive pieces of legislation regarding rainwater harvesting as compared to the rest of America. Texas House Bill 3391 (2011) provides for rainwater harvesting can be used for potable and non-potable indoor and outdoor use without filing for water rights.


    The Bill stipulates many requirements including allowing financial institutions to grant loans for rainwater systems and allowing rainwater systems for public water systems.

    The Texas Legislature created a sales tax exemption to encourage Texans to conserve water. The exemption, which took effect September 1, 2001, applies to equipment, supplies, and services used solely for certain types of water conservation including for rainwater harvesting.


    Learn more about this Texas statewide sales tax exemption on rainwater harvesting equipment and get the sales tax exemption form directly from the Texas Water Development Board from the link below.

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