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Tank Code US Gallons Diameter
XL 04/02 5,000-Gallons 15′ 5″
XL 08/02 10,000-Gallons 15′ 5″
XL 13/02 15,000-Gallons 19′ 9″
XL 15/02 20,000-Gallons 22′ 0″
XL 23/02 30,000-Gallons 26′ 4″
XL 30/02 40,000-Gallons 30′ 9″
XL 40/02 50,000-Gallons 35′ 2″
XL 50/02 65,000-Gallons 39′ 6″
XL 50/03 100,000-Gallons 39′ 6″

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Texas Water Tanks provide the longest-lasting water storage solution worldwide, Pioneer Water Tanks. We can deliver and install standard sized water tanks within two weeks anywhere in Texas. Our custom water storage tanks lead time depends on the project needs and current stock.

Pioneer Water Tanks come standard with accessories and quality materials. Our water storage solutions are Zincalume® Steel Tanks with the exclusive AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner that keeps water fresh and clean inside.


Included Standard Accessories:


• Polyethylene outlet and shut off ball valve


• Six-inch overflow drainage pipe with a flapper valve


• Sacrificial Magnesium Anodes for extended protection through electrolysis


• Access hatch and a removable ladder


• Removable 1,000-Count food-grade nylon filter basket with a lid


• Geotextile underlay protection for underneath the tank liner


• Super Sealent food-grade foam seal for in between the roof and body

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50,000 Gallon Water Storage Tanks
65,000 Gallon Water Storage Tanks
100,000 Gallon Water Storage Tanks

Get the Best Price on Water Tanks in Texas

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